Another vision

Where the human being is at the heart of our strategic ideas

Because breaks are important

And increase your creativity...

Because we are building the future

And ecology is everyone's business....

Because it is your company

And each person is unique....

Founded in 2000...

A results-oriented philosophy

All our members, whether experts, consultants or even technicians, share the same concern for a well-done work. You will then find in us a logic focused on results requirements, not simply means requirement leading to necessarily nebulous results.
Moreover, the human being is at the heart of our strategies because you are definitely not just a resource!

A mutually benefitting association....

Our stated objective is to be a catalyst for progress and a partner of choice for your company. To this end, we seek mutually beneficial solutions, the famous "win-win" contract.

In addition, our network aims to be an actor in eco-responsible communication and the promotion of fair trade.

Gabriel RIBOT

L.E.A.P. strategy management


Aerospace Project Management

Julien VABRE

Cross-selling management


Design & 3D

Dominique OHEIX

Pedagogical project management


Management in software architecture

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